About Us

Melanin's Paradise Clothing was created by CEO, Khadija 'Khadi Oladi' Oladipupo, October 2020.
Khadi Oladi had received the idea for Melanin's Paradise Clothing by gaining inspiration from a t-shirt she created for herself in 2017, that read:
"Don't Be Scared, It's Only Melanin"
Three years later, Khadi Oladi thought of a way to create love for melanin individuals and challenge society's awareness to racism through appearance. Thus, the phrase "Don't Be Scared, It's Only Melanin"  had became the first design for Melanin's Paradise!
The mission for Melanin's Paradise is to create social conversation, challenge societal self-awareness to racism, and empower melanin individuals by establishing that their skin color is not to be feared!
est. 2020